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October 26, 2011 at 7:55 AM

I am pleased to welcome you to PRIM’s newly re-designed website, which we hope will become your single information source for all things PRIM and PRIT.  We have redesigned the website to be more intuitive and user-friendly, which we hope will allow our constituent groups to navigate their way more easily through the various levels of important information presented. Though we are presenting the site as a re-launch, this website is and will always remain a work-in-progress, so we welcome your input and feedback on how well the site is achieving our goal of providing the most up-to-date PRIM news, while serving as a gateway for our Participating and Purchasing Retirement Systems to gain access to their current account information.  As you explore the website, you will easily be able to locate archived newsletters, past PRIT Fund performance, a calendar of events, PRIM team biographies, annual reports, and more.  Beginning in December, the “Executive Director’s Corner” will provide an opportunity to regularly update you on our organization, Board activities, initiatives, current events, performance, and the financial markets.  Please take some time to peruse the pages of our new website, and I hope that you will be as pleased with it as we are at PRIM.


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