PRIT Fund Core Description

The PRIT Fund Core consists of the General Allocation Account or "PRIT Core", which is comprised of a diverse set of investment accounts.  The investment types and current long-term asset allocation policy of the PRIT Core is shown below:


No element in an investment strategy is more critical to the realization of long-term investment objectives than the allocation of assets. In order to achieve return objectives, a significant portion of the PRIT Core is allocated to public and private equity investments. In order to maximize returns and reduce volatility the PRIT Core utilizes a number of risk-control strategies. Asset classes are selected to complement the risk and return characteristics of the PRIT Core. The PRIM Board believes it is important to control risk through diversification, and, therefore, it invests in other asset classes including real estate, core fixed income, and international investments.

The PRIT Fund's actual asset allocation can be found in the monthly performance summary reports available in the records of interest section of the website.