Looking for information about your benefits? If you are a State employee, please visit the State Board of Retirement’s website. If you are a teacher, please visit the Massachusetts Teachers’ Retirement System’s website. If you are not a State Employee or Teacher, please contact your local Retirement Board for further information.


All forms must be executed by an authorized signatory as listed on your Board’s Letter of Incumbency, unless otherwise specified.

Clicking on a form displayed below will download a PDF file with instructions and a sample copy of the form. Please contact PRIM Client Service at with questions or to request a current individualized form.


Cash Processing Forms

Deposit Form
Used to invest cash in the PRIT Fund.

Redemption Form
Used to redeem cash from the PRIT Fund.

Exchange Form
Used to move cash between PRIT Fund investment portfolios.

Wire Instruction Form
Used to provide PRIM with standing wire instructions.

Monthly Maintenance Balance Form
Used to provide PRIM with a standing monthly maintenance balance and/or monthly automatic redemption amount.

Miscellaneous Form

Letter of Incumbency
Used to provide PRIM with a list of authorized signors.

Electronic Statement Delivery Authorization
Used to provide PRIM with the distribution list of individuals requiring monthly statements.


Access to Investments and Cash During the Month

The structure of the PRIT Fund only allows movement in and out of the investment portfolios on the first business day of each month. To invest or redeem funds on this day, PRIM requires advance notification by way of a Deposit, Redemption or Exchange form. However, if cash is desired later in the month, funds would need to be un-invested on first business day and set aside in the form of a standing monthly maintenance balance. The funds are held in a separate cash account and are accessible at any time during the month via redemption form. This account receives a short-term cash rate of return.

Additionally, cash can be wired to PRIM at any time during the month. These funds would reside un-invested in the cash account until the next first business day. Please note that any redemption, deposit, exchange or monthly maintenance balance form needs to be received by PRIM at least 24 hours prior to the activity date.


Cash Processing
Procedures covering different aspects of cash processing.

Explanation of the segmentation program.

New Client Package
Procedures and documents provided to new clients.