The Pension Reserves Investment Management (“PRIM”) Board manages the assets of the Pension Reserves Investment Trust (“PRIT”) Fund for public employee pension benefits on behalf of Massachusetts State Employees, Massachusetts Teachers’, and Boston Teachers’, as well as local participating retirement systems throughout the Commonwealth that elect to invest with PRIM. PRIM’s mission is to generate strong risk-adjusted investment returns that help the Commonwealth of Massachusetts meet its pension obligations and alleviate potential taxpayer burden.


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The PRIT Fund consists of the General Allocation Account or “PRIT Core”, which is comprised of a diverse set of investment accounts. No element in an investment strategy is more critical to the realization of long-term investment objectives than the allocation of assets. The PRIM Board believes it is important to control risk through diversification, and, therefore, it invests in other asset classes including real estate, core fixed income, and international investments.

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Long-Term Asset Allocation Target Ranges

Asset Class Range
Global Equity 32% – 42%
Core Fixed Income 12% – 18%
Value-Added Fixed Income 5% – 11%
Private Equity 13% – 19%
Real Estate 7% – 13%
Timberland 1% – 7%
Portfolio Completion Strategies 7% – 13%

*Approved February 17, 2022

Do you want to learn more about your benefits?

PRIM does not administer benefits. If you are a State employee, please visit the State Board of Retirement’s website., If you are a teacher, please visit the Massachusetts Teacher’s Retirement System’s website. If you are not a State employee or teacher, please contact your local Retirement Board for further information.