Value-Added Fixed Income Managers

ManagerInception DateMandate
400 Capital Management LLC
New York, NY
December 2018Other Credit Opportunities
Anchorage Capital Group LLC
New York, NY
May 2019Other Credit Opportunities
ArrowMark Partners
Denver, CO
September 2022Other Credit Opportunities
Ashmore Investment Management, Ltd.
London, England
December 2003Emerging Market Debt
Berkshire Group, LLC
Boston, MA
March 2018Other Credit Opportunities
San Francisco, CA
June 2022Manager of Emerging-Diverse Managers
Eaton Vance Institutional Funds
Boston, MA
June 2008Bank Loans
Fidelity Management Trust Company
Boston, MA
December 1989High Yield Bonds
LibreMax Capital
New York, NY
February 2020Other Credit Opportunities
Loomis Sayles & Company, L.P.
Boston, MA
June 1997High Yield Bonds and Other Credit Opportunities
Mudrick Capital Management, L.P.
New York, NY
December 2017Other Credit Opportunities
Newmarket Capital, Philadelphia, PADecember 2021Other Credit Opportunities
Oaktree Capital Management, LLC
Los Angeles, CA
August 2022Other Credit Opportunities
Newport Beach, CA
January 2004Emerging Market Debt
Shenkman Capital Management
New York, NY
March 2004High Yield Bonds
Voya Financial
Hartford, CT
June 2008 Bank Loans