Managing Capital For PRIM:

MassPRIM seeks to partner with great investment managers across all asset classes.  To submit information about your firm, please fill out our Investment Management Information Form and attach relevant files describing your firm and product or strategy(ies).  Mass PRIM evaluates submissions from prospective investment managers on an ongoing basis in the context of its needs.

Investment Management Information Form

FUTURE Initiative:

The FUTURE Initiative is MassPRIM’s strategic plan to achieve the goals set forth by recent legislation championed by Treasurer Goldberg. Signed into law in January 2021, An Act Enabling Partnerships for Growth sets the goal that at least 20% of MassPRIM’s investment managers and vendors be women, minorities or persons with disabilities and that PRIM shall take affirmative steps to remove barriers to the full participation of diverse investment managers in investment opportunities.
To reduce barriers and expand opportunities for newer, smaller, and diverse investment managers, MassPRIM launched a new Emerging-Diverse Manager Program (Program), which seeks to invest up to $1 billion in emerging and diverse managers across asset classes over the next two years. This Program utilizes five manager-of-managers to help source, conduct due diligence and have full discretion to select and monitor a portfolio of emerging-diverse investment managers. If your firm is an emerging-diverse manager, please contact the appropriate advisor for your asset class: